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All About The Fonts

As the proliferation of digital devices continues its exponential growth, more and more people are becoming aware of the wide variety of typefaces and their use. And it is no longer the case in which people who could readily identify more than one font were limited to sign makers and typesetters.

Computer word processing programs were the introduction for many people to the wide world of font selection. Depending on your age, if you were asked about the first font that you could name it would probably be Times New Roman--the default selection in Microsoft Word. Now, so many of the applications and programs that are used daily offer dozens of font choices. It's natural, then, that many people in the digital age have become aware of the variety of typefaces available and how they can convey different moods and meanings from each other.

While it's still mainly graphic designers who care about kerning and leading and so on, it is easy for anyone to see the difference between a delicate script font and a bold sans serif font. The script could connote elegance for a formal affair, and the sans serif might be used in a line of advertising as a clean and simple way to convey information. Half of the fun in designing something with letters is scrolling through the different fonts to find one that is just the right fit for the message.

Maybe you have found the perfect font for your custom engraving--one that matches your brand or reflects the tone of your event. Let us know about it. We have access to hundreds of fonts that we can use and can often acquire new fonts that would match one you've selected. Be aware that some fonts may not engrave well, especially if they contain fine detail or very thin lines. And if you're not sure--ask! Our artists can help you achieve a design that will result in an attractive final engraving.

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