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  • Do You Know About Our Round Carabiners?

    Most of the carabiners featured on our website are what we call "flat carabiners." These have a flattened engraving area that provides a level surface for a more consistent and reliable engraving. We want your artwork to look its best which is why we use these as our primary carabiners for your engravings. Plus, since the flattened area is recessed compared to the rest of the carabiner, your engraving will stay better protected from scuffs and scrapes. But did you know that we also offer round and pear shaped carabiners for custom orders?

    In addition to the round and pear carabiners, we can provide custom anodization using Pantone colors to match your brand requirements. Choose from any of our standard sizes for your order, or inquire about alternative sizes that might better fit your needs. Please note: Since these orders are provided on a custom basis they are not eligible for the same three day production as the rest of our carabiners.

    Please visit our main carabiners page for more information about the variety of carabiners we can offer you. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect carabiner keychain at great wholesale prices!

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