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Laser Engraved Promotional Products: A Superior Choice

  • Anodizing

    Colored aluminum promotional products undergo a process known as "anodization", which thickens the natural oxide layer of the carabiner resulting in a heavier, stronger oxidized layer of controlled thickness with the hardness similar to that of a ruby or sapphire. This anodized coating is extremely desirable for products such as engraved carabiners and other aluminum promotional items, due to:

    • Increased corrosion resistance
    • Increased durability / wear resistance
    • Ability to be colored via dying
    • Ability to be sharply laser engraved

    These anodizing coatings can be clear or colored, and they actually integrate with the surface of the aluminum, resulting in an extremely durable, shiny and wonderfully smooth layer on the product.

  • Laser Engraving the Anodized Surface

    This anodized layer also responds exceptionally well to laser engraving. The laser is used to etch, or carve, your design literally right through the anodized surface of the product, exposing the aluminum underneath. So when you see your imprint, you are actually seeing the revealed aluminum under the anodized surface, which has been precisely removed.

  • Not All Lasers Equal

    When it comes to laser engraving on anodized aluminum, not all systems are equal. For instance, the much slower CO2 system produces marks of varying quality depending on the product color (anodized coating) being lasered. Quality is defined in terms of brightness of the mark: the brighter and sharper the better. A high quality laser engraved mark appears bright white and crisp no matter what the color of the material, which is why always uses the finest YAG lasers. In fact, our lasers are the premium YAG's: Fiber Lasers.

    The Bottom Line?

    Quality laser engraving produces a permanent mark that simply can't rub off. Laser engraving is a superior marking process as compared to conventional screen printing and pad printing which wears off over time. Laser engraved promotional products from will keep your name, logo or message visible at all times — a clear advantage for you and your promotional product!