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Exploring Carabiner Add-Ons: Straps Edition

Like the "Secret Menu Hacks" at Chipotle--just because you don't see something on a product page it doesn't mean that it isn't available if you ask. And our secret ingredient that you can add to any order is straps. Any size and any shape of carabiner we carry can be upgraded with one of our strap options. So then, what exactly are the different kinds of straps we carry?


Standard Strap

The standard strap is just the essentials. All of our straps are crafted from black woven nylon as the base. With the standard strap you get a loop on one end to attach to the carabiner and a split key ring on the other end to hold your keys. Simple, functional, convenient. The standard strap adds some distance between your keys and carabiner so that they rest better when clipped to a belt or bag.


Compass Strap

Our compass strap is essentially the standard strap, but with the added benefit of a directional compass. It has the same nylon base with split key ring attachment and includes a rubber loop mounted compass. These look very cool when paired with our camouflage carabiners and are great for outdoor enthusiasts. Not into camo? How about a boat shape carabiner--boats need navigation too.


Bottle Holder Strap

Again we start with a woven black nylon strap. This time, however, instead of a metal split key ring these have a rubber loop. The loop has a pull tab for easy handling and is designed to securely hold a drink bottle with a standard sized neck (opening size is 1-inch diameter). The length of nylon on the bottle holder straps is slightly shorter and a little wider than the standard strap. Liquids are heavy! (This ingredient is so secret that you won't find it on any of the product pages. You have to ask, don't be shy!)


Custom PVC Strap

Undoubtedly the most spectacular and elaborate of our straps are the customized PVC straps. It's like the standard nylon strap, but with the addition of a custom molded emblem woven to the strap. Use up to 5 colors to create your logo/artwork on theĀ 1.5" x .625" PVC emblem. The molded emblems can be used for a texted three-dimensional relief of your artwork. They are a real stunner. Add them to any carabiner order, or get them by themselves.

Now you know about one of our secret-but-not-so-secret carabiner menu hacks. So will you be adding any straps to your next order?

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